(“NZahid”, “Website”, “we”, “our” or “us”) is committed to providing all its customers or buyers (“users” or “you”) the best shipping, return and refund service while dispatching or delivering orders to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. This Shipping and Refund Policy (“Shipping Policy”) binds you each time you purchase a product from the NZahid Website. If you do not agree to this Shipping Policy, please do not place an order with us on this Website. This Shipping Policy does not apply to any product for which virtual downloads are enabled.

Dispatch and Delivery. The product ordered by you will be delivered in highly protective packaging after receipt of payment. The delivery might take two to three weeks to reach you, based on your location. We might not be able to ship to certain countries where restrictions are imposed on our kind of products. Do check where our products can be shipped to your country. NZahid shall not be responsible for any claims if the product cannot be shipped to you because of such restrictions. We do not ship to post box addresses.

Digital Products. All digital products will be delivered by electronic mail, and under the ‘Downloads’ section of each user’s account on the Website. The products will be downloadable by the used as 1200×1200 px files. Digital products can also be delivered in vector form, at an additional cost. Once the digital product has been received by the user, the delivery will be assumed to have been completed.

Pricing. The price of the products shown on this Website does not include shipping, packing, forwarding and insurance charges. These additional charges will vary based on the destination of delivery. Product prices indicated on this Website do not include or reflect any international taxes or duties to customs that the delivery package may encounter while shipping to the customer. In case you are an international customer, please contact your country’s respective customs department in order to understand the applicable duties and taxes. NZahid shall not be responsible for covering these taxes or duties.

Damaged Products. If the product you have ordered is damaged in transit, please do not accept the order from the shipper. If however, you have accepted the order from the shipper, and then opened the packaging to find the product damaged, and if the product is damaged because of negligent handling or poor packing at our end, you should return the damaged product to us by dispatching it to our address through a traceable shipping method, within two working days of receiving delivery.

Our address is: PO Box 9061, Post Office Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Postal code: 54570.

If the product indeed has been damaged due to negligence or poor packing at our end, you will receive the full refund for your product, or a new product of similar value. Please retain the original packaging and securely repack the product before sending it to us.

Product does not match Thumbnail. You can also return your product to us, in case it is vastly different to what has been depicted on our Website’s thumbnail image. However, though we try to exactly reproduce the colours depicted on the Website in print, there may be slightly variations in the image seen on the Website and the final product received by you. No refund shall be processed on account of such minor variation.

Forfeiture. The user forfeits his/her right to ask for a refund of the product, in case steps to return the product are not taken by him/her within two days of receiving the product. Post two days, no claim for refund, or return of the product will be entertained. Some exceptions might apply. Please contact us for an assessment of your situation.

Refund Policy. If you are not satisfied with our products, NZahid confirms a complete refund (after deducting any processing charges). In case you have placed an order with us for a virtual product, and the product has been delivered to you by NZahid, you can request minor (upto two) modifications. Once, such modifications have been made by NZahid, no refund request will be entertained even if you are not satisfied with the final product. For products which are physically shipped to you, refund will only be processed if you ship the damaged products, with the intent of returning to us within two days of receiving the product, as described above in the section titled “Damaged Products”, “Product does not match Thumbnail” and “Forfeiture”. All refunds are processed within seven to ten days from the date the product in question is returned to us.

Refund Processing. In case the purchase has been made by card or any other online mode of transfer, the refund will be processed in exactly the same form as the payment was done. In case you have received a damaged product, as described in the “Damaged Products” section, or your product does not match the thumbnail on our Website, as described in the “Product does not match Thumbnail” section, you can also write to us at: [email protected]

Governing Law. Any disputes regarding this Shipping and Refund Policy will be governed by the laws of Pakistan.